News and Updates

Release 6.6 Apr 06

Email Address Validation
New option in Acceptance Rules to check that sender email address is genuine.

Release 6.0 Jul 04

New 'Send Message from box number' feature
This allows you to send a message with no email reply address.
(Your box number is automatically enclosed in the message trailer)
The recipient must reply via your box number.
Access is from the user details screen or via a hot link in the trailer of an incoming message. (The hot link does not appear if the incoming message is anonymous.)

Release 5.0 Sep 03 Micro-bartering capability introduced

Release 4.0 Sep 03 Box numbers can now use keywords instead of digits

Release 3.1 July 03 New navigation toolbar

Release 3.0 July 03 Automatic email address encrypter

This tool can automatically encrypt 'mailto:' addresses on a web page.
It can also process lists of email addresses from an address book.
A single box number can decode an unlimited number of email addresses.

Release 2.0 July 03 The same email address can now have more than one box number.