Email address encrypter

See this example  showing email addresses before and after encryption.

To show the effect on one of your own web pages just fill in the form below. The program will read any web page containing email addresses and display it with all the email addresses encrypted.
You can click on any encrypted email link to send a message.
The converted page can be saved on your local disk and uploaded to your website.

Web page:
Box number:
  • Any box number less than 1000 can encrypt an unlimited number of email addresses.
    (Box numbers greater than 1000 can only transmit to one email address)
    The encryption key is changed by altering the alternative password on the box number.
  • Graphics or background textures will not appear on the screen.
    The pictures and graphics will appear normally after you upload the encrypted page to your website. (The software cannot alter your web pages directly)
  • BoxNum 850 is a demonstration box number.  
    For security reasons BoxNum 850 does not transmit email.
    After a correct answer it returns back to this page. To transmit email you need to create your own box number (less than 1000) and type it into the box above.

  • The encrypter can also process Address Books saved in plain text.
    eg. To create an encrypted web page version of your Outlook Express address book try this:-
    1) Tools - Address Book
    2) File - Export - Other Address Book
    3) Text File(Comma separated values) - Export
    4) Choose a filename ending with .txt
    5) Tick the selection boxes for Name and Email Address (others can be ticked also)
    6) Click Finish
    5) Upload the .txt file onto your website
    6) Input the web address of the text file into the box above.
    (There is a sample address book at for testing.)
    In the finished web page the name field is combined with the email address field to create a hot link.