Simple Usage
BoxNum keywords can be a simple easy to remember alternative to box numbers.
(see About page)

Keywords can also be used for low value micro-bartering transactions.
eg. If you are a expert stamp collector
you can set up a keyword [ stamp-answer ] and a lawyer can set up a keyword called [ legal-answer ]
So if a lawyer has a son who wants advice about collecting stamps
he can offer 1 [ legal-answer ] for 3 [stamp-answer]
Each keyword can link to an external website to provide further information.
If you have a quantity of a particular keyword eg. 25 [stamp-answer] you can print this out in the form of a voucher which can be redeemed in a shop or input to an external website in return for services.

Notice Boards
A keyword can be created to function as a notice board eg [ expert-panel ]
This is a useful option for people who already have local contacts willing to provide mutual advice and assistance eg. self-help groups, community organisations and charities. A notice board is a focal point used for adverts and free offers.

Each keyword can issue printed vouchers.
A small grocery shop can have a keyword called [ apples ]
Free special offer apple vouchers can be created and placed on a local notice board.
The vouchers can be printed on-line and redeemed at the shop.
Each voucher has an individual code which can be checked as necessary against a paper checklist under the counter.