About BoxNum

Boxnum is a general purpose communication service with two main applications.

Junk Mail and Virus Filter

Email address confidentiality
BoxNum allows you to receive messages without disclosing your email address.
To prevent unwanted replies you can set a test question which must be answered correctly by the sender. After a correct answer the sender can input a message and BoxNum transmits it to your hidden email address. This stops junk mail and viruses because their automatic software is not clever enough to answer questions.

Website hot link
If you publish your email address on a website it will be collected by junk mail and virus software and published on CDROM to marketing companies.
(For further information see Junk Mail )
To prevent this, BoxNum provides a hot link box number for use on a website. This is useful on a corporate website because each department or employee can have a separate box number which maintains privacy and stops junk mail.
See Examples for some hot links to try out.

Business cards and adverts
box number can also be printed on personal cards or used in newspaper adverts.
You can alter your email address without having to reprint existing paperwork.

Contact me

For printed adverts in newspapers and magazines:-
Reply to: BoxNum.com 1234

Keywords and exchanges

Any box number can be registered with a keyword which can be used instead of a number when sending messages. These have the advantage that they are more convenient to remember

Contact me
BoxNum [ apples ]

For printed adverts in newspapers and magazines:-
Reply to: BoxNum [ apples ]

Your existing domain name can be used eg. BoxNum [ company35.com ]

Keywords can be used for bartering with other box numbers or external websites.
See Keywords.