Frequently asked Questions

1. I already have a junk mail/virus filter. Why do I need BoxNum?


The standard junk mail filters work by recognising the text within the junk emails and moving them to a different folder. This process is complex and only about 90% reliable.
So you still need to sift through the junk folder in case in case it contains an important genuine message.
Email virus filters work by recognising known types of virus.
It takes about 2 months for the anti-virus software to be updated to recognise a new virus type and you have the inconvenience of updating your virus software on a regular basis.
Because of this software delay you get no protection against the latest virus.
BoxNum gives you protection against the latest email virus because it only accepts plain text.
An email virus needs an attachment which can execute on your computer and attachments cannot be input to BoxNum.

2. Can I send a message from my box number?


Yes. There is a 'Send Message' hotlink at the bottom of the user details screen.
There is also a hotlink in the trailer of incoming messages.
When you send a message you have a choice of sending your email address or just the box number. In the second case the recipient cannot reply without knowing the answer to the question on your box number.
3. Can a box number have more than one email address?


Box numbers > 1000 can only have one email address.
Numbers < 1000 can have unlimited email addresses (see Email Encryption)
4. Can the same email address have more than one box number?



5. What happens if somebody wants to send me an attachment?


BoxNum is intended for initial communication when the sender is unknown.
(Unsolicited messages containing attachments are usually viruses.)
If the first message is bona fide you can make a standard email reply and the sender can then use standard email to send the attachment.
This method will also confirm that the sender email address is the true source of the message.
If you need to receive attachments from unknown persons you can display a temporary email address in the Greeting 2 box (See BoxNum 1003)

6. How do I change my email address?


Login and clear all the acceptance rules. Press 'UPDATE'
The box number is blocked. Click on the 'Change Email Address' link.
Type in the new address. A new password will be sent.
Login using the new password and unblock the box number.

7. Why do I need to re-register when I change the email address?


This is a security precaution to confirm that you are the real owner of the new email address. The login and alternative passwords are changed and a new login password is sent to the new address. So the new email address should be checked carefully before pressing 'SEND'. If you typed a wrong address go back to 'Register' and input your name and box number with the correct email address. It is important that the same name is used. (This will cancel the previous password and send a new one to the correct address.) After receiving the new password you should re-activate the box number as soon as possible.

8. Why can't people send email to


This is a standard email address which would be picked up by junk mail and virus software.

9. Are my incoming messages stored on the BoxNum server?


No. They are transmitted to your email address directly when the originator presses the 'SEND' button.