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Redirect to WEB PAGE depending on ANSWER

Redirect to BOX NUMBER depending on ANSWER

Reply forms

  • Acceptance Rules
    A new box number must be activated before it can receive messages.
    When the box is created you will receive an email which contains the access code to carry out the activation. There are three acceptance rules which decide what identification is provided by the message sender. You need to choose one or more rules as appropriate to activate the box number. If several rules are chosen the sender will be given a choice.

    1) Email address
    The sender must supply an email address.
    If the 'validate' box is ticked then BoxNum will transmit a validation code to the sender
    email address to confirm that it is genuine. The validation code must be input before the
    message is accepted.
    2) Box number
    The sender must supply a valid box number.
    In this case the software checks that the sender is the real owner of the box number.
    3 ) Anonymous
    The sender does not need to supply any identification.
    (However the sender is still required to answer any question which has been set.)

    You can block all messages at any time by cancelling all three rules.
    In this case the box will not accept any messages.
    When a box is blocked the email address can be altered.
    A free box number will automatically become blocked 2 weeks after it expires.

  • Greeting messages
    A box number holds three greeting messages plus question and answer boxes.
    All of these can be blanked if they are not needed.
    The maximum size of a greeting message is 5000 characters.

    'Greeting 1' (Default value:
    'Welcome from {name inserted} !'
    As a security precaution against junk mail and viruses please answer the question below:-

    'Question' (Default value: How many letters are in the word 'Box'? )

    'Answer' (Default value: 3 | three )

    'Greeting 2' (Default value 'Please type your message into the boxes below.')
    This is displayed after a correct answer or if the question has been blanked)

    'Greeting 3' (Default value 'Sorry - wrong answer.')
    This is displayed if a wrong answer is given.
  • Question and Answer
    A more specific test question can be used if you need to filter replies to your box number.
    If you only want replies from your old classmates you can set a question like -
    What was the name of our French teacher ?
    The answer is not case sensitive.
    Alternative answers can be input on separate lines in the Answer box:-
    Mr Smith
    Fred Smith
    and the ' * ' character can be used as a wildcard
    would accept Fred Smith or Frederick Smith or Shorty

    If you want to prevent any replies set a hard question eg.
    'Password?' (and put some random numbers in the answer box).

  • Reply forms
    If you would like a sender to fill in a simple reply form eg. for a web site visitor to request further information or printed literature this can be set up very quickly and easily - a very useful feature if you have some free webspace with no form-mailing ability. If you already have a form-mail script you may be receiving junk mail because the email address has been collected from the web page which calls the script or because the junk mail software has filled in the form and sent it directly. Because a BoxNum form is only displayed after the test question has been answered you have complete protection against junk mail.
    The form layout is typed into the 'Greeting 2' box and square brackets are used to indicate the places where text is

    We have 3 brochures available:-

    1) Tudor Towers report
    2) Marvin Mansions
    3) Goodview offices

                      LITERATURE REQUEST FORM

    Company: [          ]

    Address: [            ]      Postcode: [      ]     
    Telephone:  [         ]     Fax:  [          ]

    Brochures Required:  


    To see how this will appear on the screen goto BoxNum 1235
    The number of spaces between the brackets controls the width of the box on the screen.
    (For convenience this is multiplied by two so that 4 spaces gives a box 8 characters wide.)
    The height of the box is controlled by the number of line feeds between the brackets.
    If the brackets contain line feeds the width of the box is set to 60 characters.
    The maximum number of characters which can be typed into a one line box is 80.
    For a multi-line box the maximum is 10,000 characters.

  • AUTOMATIC redirect to WEB PAGE
    Any greeting box can contain an automatic web link instead of a text message.
    This is useful when you want to redirect people to a web page instead
    of letting them send you replies via email.
    The greeting box must start with ' http:// ' or ' www. ' and additional text is ignored.
    If 'Greeting 1' is a web address they will be immediately redirected.
    If 'Greeting 2' is a web address they will redirected after giving a correct answer.
    (or if no question has been set)
    If 'Greeting 3' is a web address they will redirected after giving a wrong answer.

  • AUTOMATIC redirect to BOX NUMBER
    Box numbers can also be used in the 'Greeting 3' message
    after an incorrect answer eg. 'BoxNum 1234'

  •  Redirect to WEB PAGE depending on ANSWER
    The hyphen character ' - ' can be used within an answer to link to a different web page depending on which answer has been given.
    eg. if the question is 'Password ?'
    and the Answer is:-

    and 'Greeting 2' web address is ' ' then
    if 'business' is typed the sender goes to
    'family' will link to
    'project34' will link to
    When the question is left blank the link will be
    If an individual answer contains a full URL ( including http or www) this overrides the 'Greeting 2' base address. eg.
    other -
    For an example of multiple choice web page redirection see BoxNum 1006
    N.B. When using private web pages in a subdirectory it is important to create a blank page
    in the same subdirectory called 'index.htm'. Otherwise a visitor who knows one
    password will be able to display all the other pages by using
    the address

  • Redirect to BOX NUMBER depending on ANSWER
    If the hyphen character '-' in the answer box is followed by a number this is taken as a box number instead of a web page. This feature allows a common box number to be used by different people within an organisation. Individual privacy is maintained and only one number needs to be printed on stationery or business cards.

    eg. If the Smith family has 3 members called
    'Paul'    private box number 6501
    'John'   private box number 6502
    'Alice'  private box number 6503
    and the 'family' box number is 1234

    If the question in box 1234 is 'Who do you want to send a message to?'
    and the Answer is
    every reply will be redirected to the box number of the appropriate person.
    So each member of the family can use the same card.

    The same principle can be used if one person has different activities.
    Eg. if Fred is interested in bell ringing and photography and has a separate
    email address for each activity suppose that
    'bell ringing' is box 6521 and
    'photography' is box 6525 and
    'Contact me on 6515' is printed on the business card.
    The Question for box 6515 would be 'What is the topic?'
    The Answer could be